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Meet Carla Carolina

Certified Self-Belief and Empowerment Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher 

My name is Carla Carolina Watson, born and raised in Panama and currently based in the United Kingdom.


I help humans all over the world to find clarity, gain balance and ignite their inner fire. My holistic approach combines Neurolinguistics, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, and Yoga as a practical and philosophical tool for mindful living, helping to raise awareness and unlock potential.

My approach is deeply rooted in practicing self-compassion while challenging limiting beliefs and elevating our self-awareness.


Whether your goal is to build self-confidence, sustain motivation, create positive habits, or live in alignment with your values, I can help you using a bespoke process.


Self awareness is key.

We can’t change the things we are not aware of.


"The type of life coaching and advice that Carla shares will stay with me through life."

- Maria Elena, from San Franciso


“Through the tools that Carla has provided for me, I have been able to finally create a clear path and already reach some of my goals, but even better than that, I have now been equipped to use the tools by myself for in the future!"

- Vasti, from South Africa


"Carla is a compassionate, smart, attentive and kind person; all of these great qualities make her a valuable and unique life coach.  Her deep, sincere intention to help people can be felt throughout all her sessions; when Carla coaches you, one feels closely listened to, appreciated, and respected..."

- Paola M., from UK


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1 hr 30 min


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A Journey Back Home:

Personal development online experience

+5 hrs of content, 3 eBooks & more!


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