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About Emotional Freedom Techniques

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

EFT is deeply rooted in some teachings from Chinese medicine including acupressure points. It is well known how triggering some of there points can lead to physical healings but there’s also evidence on the impact around our mental / emotional wellbeing.

Working with these acupressure points is like peeling an onion, getting rid of the rotten or dirty outside layers in order to get to the beautiful tasty parts of the onion that will help us make a delicious meal. Or more commonly compared to, it can be like a unsticking a sink. These acupressure points / meridians when experiencing heartbreak, trauma or PTSD are like a stuck sink. The water, the energy gets trapped without a chance to properly flow away. And by activating certain key pressure points in our body it allows us to address different ailments of the mind, the heart and the body. This is what happens with EFT, and similarly with other somatic techniques like breathwork, rapid eye movement therapy, having touch and many others

The reason I mention these other techniques is not to discourage anyone from trying EFT, if anything I hope everyone that is interested can find a professional that can create a safe space to guide them through a process like this. But as someone who is accredited in different alternative somatic therapies, worked with hundreds of people around the world and is a responsible holistic therapist I believe there is a no therapeutic technique that can fit everyone. Like fashion trends there are trendy alternative techniques. If you feel EFT is not working for you, please remember to 1. work with a professional not just “an influencer” and 2. Please remember there is always hope and there are other options too you can explore. The main takeaway from exploring EFT or other somatic/alternative therapies is that human touch is an important part of healing our bodies, our minds and our hearts.

According to research, physical touch can increase levels of dopamine and serotonin. As part of experiential anecdotes from clients that came to me after going through very difficult chapters and trying to heal the relationship with themselves and find themselves after these chapters, and as someone who has been in that position too, I know that one of the most important parts of the process of healing a broken heart or an unbalanced mind is re - learning how to inhabit our bodies. EFT has played a key role in some of my clients and my own journey back to my self.

A short story about my first encounter with Tapping/EFT

I found out about tapping 5 years ago. During a chapter of my life I felt uncertain about many things. My job, my career, my home, my future… I started working with a Wellbeing Coach that introduced me to the coaching methodology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and EFT. At first EFT helped me manage some anxiety I was experiencing during that uncertain period of my life. Afterwards I’ve continued to use EFT to manage nerves before a big event, to understand and resolve anger and grief, EFT has also helped me to understand what I feel when feel lost and out of words and EFT has helped me through certain types of heartbreaks like feeling betrayed or disappointed by someone I trusted. Because of my personal success using EFT I decided to train and help others to explore this approach to potentially help them with whatever they are going through, from heartbreaks, to health issues, to heal the relationship with themselves or simple getting out of their comfort zone.

Where to Start?

Tapping can be done as part of your routine, specially during times of crisis.

A common suggestion I share with my clients is to start your day with EFT, instead of grabbing your phone and mindlessly scroll you could dedicate a few rounds of tapping.

When working with me I like to encourage my clients to go through their bespoke tapping sequence (a tailored sequence I will create for them after a 1:1 session) at least 7 rounds. After doing EFT always remember to stay hydrated, so have a full glass of water afterwards. It is believed that water will help with the energy flow. Then just go on with your day.

This can be the only time you do EFT during the day or you can have the option to repeat the same tapping once in the middle of the day or before bedtime.

A very powerful addition to your EFT practice, specially if you are looking to improve the relationship with yourself or gaining more self-compassion and confidence is to step infant of a mirror while you tap. To look at yourself in the eyes. Always keep yourself safe. If this is feels unsafe, too triggering or too emotional do not continue like this.

The most important thing to do, however you choose to practice EFT, notice how you feel, listen to the little whispers of the heart and pay attention to what your intuition tells you. Always contact the person you are working with if you have any questions, alternatives or anything related about your experience exploring these techniques.

Before you start...

We live on a time where we have access to so many alternative approaches that can potentially aid our healing. If you feel the calling to explore, to inquire and to start doing something for yourself, try EFT, try NLP, try breathwork.. just try and see how it feels for you. BUT always work with an accredited and experienced professional (like me ;))

And when I say work with a professional is not only to add a cheeky self promotion there. Jokes aside I cannot repeat enough times how important is to work with someone that is qualified, experienced and that can create a safe space for you to explore the difficult emotions that may arise in a session.

Even though there are many tutorials for tapping I wouldn’t start my tapping journey without the support of an accredited professional. Not only accredited in tapping but also in other methodologies like NLP, Mental Health First Aiding and ICF accredited coaching (as a minimum).

Remember, EFT like any form of alternative therapy, can arise difficult feelings and especially when starting with new therapies, even if they can be self-administered should be under the guidance of a professional. Doesn't have to be me but just someone that you know you can trust.

Event though there are no known side effects or risks of acupressure or EFT tapping my main role as a Holistic Therapist is to keep people safe. If working with me people under certain medications and with some diagnoses (not self-diagnoses please) should either abstain from EFT, work only with the presence of a professional. If in doubt always ask your GP/psychiatrist/psychologist first to green light to work with EFT.

Every session of EFT (emotional freedom techniqueS) is different, with some techniques/styles you focus on the negative to create a dialogue and put things into perspective. When doing a general course or watching a tutorial online it can be hard to 1. Understand what purpose is behind each technique/style of tapping (specially without previous training in other methodologies or psychology foundations) 2. Self-Regulate specially if we are just starting to explore somatic healing/overcoming trauma. When working 1:1 with a professional they can assess your case and guide you accordingly.

Some people have come to me concerned about this approach to EFT, for me when you work with these and focus on the negatives of a situation, it can lead to many moments of enlightenment.

After a few rounds like this I have found myself thinking “wait a minute, it sounds silly coming out of my mouth, I understand why I may think it's the end blablabla and something good may never happen but….” And then it happens. Tapping helps me re-awaken a certain strength that had been sleepy or “stuck” somewhere inside, an optimistic voice blossoms inside me, helps to ignite an inner fire that fuels me and then that’s when I tell myself (excuse my language) “Fuck that, I got this”.

Thank you for reading. Get in touch, book an exploration call to start working together or just message me for any questions without any commitment. As always, I am here and happy to help you.

Big hugs


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