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Focus on the next step infront of you

and not the whole staircase.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a future focused methodology that assists you to bridge the gap between where you  are now, to where they would like to be. It is a safe space free of judgement and its been proven how is far more effectively than if you worked alone.

How does it work?

Using my training and experience powerful though provoking questions are asked to help my clients create practical, step-by-step action plans to reach their goals. Along the session, depending on the specific preferences and needs of my clients I share interactive and practical coaching tools.

My Commitment To You

As your holistic therapist

1) To hold a safe space when you are figuring out feelings and thoughts

2) To listen, to really listen

3) To believe you can, even when you don’t believe the same yet

4) To encourage you to stay compassionate towards yourself and at the same time to remind you that all feelings are valid

5) To challenge you (with kindness) to slowly step out of your comfort zone

6) To reference you to a different professional if I see you might benefit working with someone else

7) To never judge you and to always keep our conversations confidential

8) To be available in between sessions to celebrate your mini victories and to answer some of your concerns

9) To remind you that you are not your behaviour, nor your beliefs and that you have the power to change them (yes it might be hard, but if you really want to change them I’ll be there with you)

10) To remind you that it’s ok to rest, it’s ok to step back in order to keep moving forwards

11) To honor your journey and respect your boundaries

12) To show you my dogs at least once (probably more)

Anchor 1

Self awareness is key.

We can’t change the things we are not aware of.


"The type of life coaching and advice that Carla shares will stay with me through life."

- Maria Elena, from San Franciso


“Through the tools that Carla has provided for me, I have been able to finally create a clear path and already reach some of my goals, but even better than that, I have now been equipped to use the tools by myself for in the future!"

- Vasti, from South Africa


"Carla is a compassionate, smart, attentive and kind person; all of these great qualities make her a valuable and unique life coach.  Her deep, sincere intention to help people can be felt throughout all her sessions; when Carla coaches you, one feels closely listened to, appreciated, and respected..."

- Paola M., from UK

There is no final destination. 
It’s a journey.

Bespoke Coaching Packages

All packages include the possibility of including journaling prompts, NLP Techniques, Bespoke Tapping and breathing techniques tips as part of the work we do together during the sessions. Click below to read more:

*Special prices are available for students, health workers and teachers.

Neurolinguistic Programing + Coaching

The way we speak to ourselves matters a lot more than what we think. This inner dialogue sets the tone for our internal state and external behaviour.

The way we speak to ourselves doesn’t only affect our relationship with ourselves. It affects our relationship with our partners, our co workers, our kids, and even strangers in the street.

Improving how we communicate can be done with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP gives us tools to master our own mind by noticing conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns which facilitates the creation of new pathways in the brain to help us target the way we communicate and the effects of that communication.

With my approach of Neurolinguistic Programming you will:
🤍Gain clarity to know what you want
🤍Cultivate more self awareness
🤍Embrace a more compassionate mindset
🤍Improve your mental fitness

My coaching approach can be combined, with consent of my client, with this cognitive engineering tools like NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy.

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Click below to find some of the most frequently asked questions at the beginning of this journey.

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