Focus on the next step infront of you

and not the whole staircase.

The truth:

There is no final destination to our highest self.


It’s a journey.


In the same way when we stop visiting the dentist our teeth will start to become weaker, our self-belief will be affected if we stop working on it.


What are you waiting for to start working on your self-belief, re-activating your inner fire, gaining clarity, and tapping into your very own sense of direction?


A wake up call?

A sign?

The “perfect moment”?


Remember: This is it.

That's the realisation my clients have before starting to work with me. They feel ready to start working on themselves, dedicate time and energy to re-discover what makes them tick and to re-connect with that vivid vision, paint the big shapes of their big picture and create a bespoke plan to work towards it.


If you never try...

You will never know.


Neurolinguistic Programing + Coaching

NLP gives us tools to master our own mind by noticing conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns. Using the power of language, NLP can influence thought processes, allowing us to reprogram negative patterns by duplicating excellence and modelling how we communicate with others and ourselves. It teaches us that there is always more than one way to do things.

For me NLP is also a way of living mindfully and full of compassion for others and ourselves.

After experiencing in first hand the profound effects and healing that Neurolinguistic Programing brought to my life, I decided to trained and become an accredited NLP Practitioner.

Now my coaching approach can be combined, with consent of my client, with this cognitive engineering tools.


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Self awareness is key.

We can’t change the things we are not aware of.


"The type of life coaching and advice that Carla shares will stay with me through life."

- Maria Elena, from San Franciso


“Through the tools that Carla has provided for me, I have been able to finally create a clear path and already reach some of my goals, but even better than that, I have now been equipped to use the tools by myself for in the future!"

- Vasti, from South Africa


"Carla is a compassionate, smart, attentive and kind person; all of these great qualities make her a valuable and unique life coach.  Her deep, sincere intention to help people can be felt throughout all her sessions; when Carla coaches you, one feels closely listened to, appreciated, and respected..."

- Paola M., from UK


Coaching Packages

All packages include the possibility of including NLP Techniques or Tailored Tapping as part of the work we do together during the sessions.

It's not magic, it's Psycholinguistics & Energy Psychology

My coaching approach is nothing new. It is the result of a holistic approach that combines neurolinguistics, EFT and yoga to help you tap into the power that is already inside you.


This process is all about:

  • A future-focused conversation

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Holding positive expectations based on strengths

  • Nonjudgemental attitude towards ourselves and others

  • Being specific about the behavior that we need and want to change

  • Focusing on you, on what makes you happy, and on what matters to you

  • Powerful transformations but only if you are honest to yourself, commit and do the work


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