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Neurolinguistic Progragimng

Thoughts can be our medicine or our poison.

What is NLP?

More than just a promising name.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the early 70's. It studies human experiences, communication, thinking, language and behaviour.

Some people are familiar with the name "neurolinguistics" because someone said it has something to do with mind control... Spoiler alert: I am not controlling anyone's mind.

BUT through NLP I do help my clients control their own mind.

The truth is that NLP can be used for some nefarious purposes, mostly in marketing and sales, but there are many many practitioners like me who harvest the power of this methodology of modelling excellence to help other people thrive in their paths.

In fact, the first time I discovered NLP was because I needed a way to overcome some difficult feelings around public anxiety, negative self-talk and even fear of butterflies. And because I experienced such positive results through the techniques that Neurolinguistic Programming has to offer I decided to train in NLP and help others to understand themselves better and re-program unresourceful patterns.


Neurolinguistic Programing + Coaching

NLP gives us tools to master our own mind by noticing conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns. Using the power of language, NLP can influence thought processes, allowing us to reprogram negative patterns by duplicating excellence and modelling how we communicate with others and ourselves. It teaches us that there is always more than one way to do things.

For me NLP is also a way of living mindfully and full of compassion for others and ourselves.

After experiencing in first hand the profound effects and healing that Neurolinguistic Programing brought to my life, I decided to trained and become an accredited NLP Practitioner.

Now my coaching approach can be combined, with concent of my client, with this engineering discipline tools.

3 Pilars of NLP

NLP is like a 3 legged stool. Each leg represents one key principle of NLP:

  • Knowing what you want: in other words, have a clear outcome of what is it you want to achieve.

  • Being aware and alert: this has to do with our sensory acuity and having enough self awareness and awareness of other people to recognise when you are moving forwards or away from your outcome.

  • Being Flexible: this is super important because embracing a flexible mindset will give you the opportunity to adapt or change our behaviour until the desired outcome is reached.


Some of the Techniques I Offer

Perceptual Positions

Ever wonder how some people react or behave in the ways that they do?

Do you ever find yourself in a conflict with another human and stuck about how to resolve it?

This technique can help gain different perspectives and deep insight.

Parts Integration

Ever feel part of you wants one thing, while another part wants something else?


Do you describe yourself as “being in two minds” or feel “decided within yourself about an important decision?

This technique can help resolve internal conflict.


Ever wanted to press a button and "activate" a certain feeling or state...


To feel more confident, more relaxed, more in control anytime anywhere.


Anchors are ideal for people in searching for a practical tool that can help rise resourful emotions.

Disney Strategy

Have you ever wanted to combine creativity & strategy? 


A way of organising your thinking to be better abled to achieve goals or dreams.

Helping you tap into your inner-creative, inner-planner, and inner-constructive-critic.

For me NLP is a way of living mindfully and full of compassion towards others and ourselves.


"The type of life coaching and advice that Carla shares will stay with me through life."

- Maria Elena, from San Franciso


“Through the tools that Carla has provided for me, I have been able to finally create a clear path and already reach some of my goals, but even better than that, I have now been equipped to use the tools by myself for in the future!"

- Vasti, from South Africa


"Carla is a compassionate, smart, attentive and kind person; all of these great qualities make her a valuable and unique life coach.  Her deep, sincere intention to help people can be felt throughout all her sessions; when Carla coaches you, one feels closely listened to, appreciated, and respected..."

- Paola M., from UK

Anchor 1

All my coaching packages include the possibility of having NLP and EFT (Tapping) as part of the work we do together during the sessions.

Bespoke NLP + Coaching Packages

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