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Kind Words

Testimonials from past and current clients...

Career Coaching Testimonial Marielena from SF

from San Francico USA

The type of life coaching and advice that Carla shares will stay with me through life. Her career coaching approach enables me to overcome career challenges and develop skills to succeed in future challenges.


Now I know how to effectively assess myself to gain clarity, develop action plans, and most importantly, take action. Her guidance gave me different perspectives while helping to identify where I was stuck, what obstacles were between me and my goals. The best first step I could have ever made was to contact Carla. She provided me with the necessary support to move forward.


This career coach empowered me to manage my journey through life and work changes. I will always be grateful for her time and support. Thank you, Carla!

Life Style Coaching Testimonial Jessica from Australia

Jessica, from Australia

I don’t even know where to start. For the first time I was able to learn how to break down bigger goals that I kept getting stuck on and make time for myself and what was important.


I was also able to gain insights into what I am really wanting to get from life during those “I have no idea what I’m doing with my life” moments.


Plus - we always had a laugh and such a great time. Your energy is incredible and so uplifting.

Self-Belief Coaching Testimonial Paola from Panama

Paola Franlet,
from Panama

I started to take sessions with Carla back in March-April 2019. I was going through an incredible rough time emotionally.

The sessions with Carla, helped me ground myself out of the emotional tornado that I was in. I remember feeling foggy, lost and with very low energy everytime before our sessions. And afterwards, a feeling of clarity, calmness and energized. Follow our sessions, I always felt ‘useful and willing’; so, that were the times I actually accomplished something.

My work went remote. So, that was an anxiety filled experience. I would put myself together right before the calls with Carla; and after our calls, I remained exactly in the same spot, getting my work done. She helped me, find asertivity when talking to my boss at the time. To tell her what I was going trhough without actually telling here what was happening in my life, knowing that I value my privacy, in regards my personal life mixing with my work life.

Im very gratefull with Carla and every one of our sessions. She’s was in that time, exactly what I neeeded. Great listener. She would let me moumble out everything and then speak, in very gentle, caring way. She was the compass that lead me out of the storm I myself created and didn’t know how to get out.

Its been months, since our last session. Im out of the woods, and when I have a rough day, I still use the things that I learned with Carla.

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Carla is an amazing coach!

Before meeting with Carla I had lacked creating a pathway to reaching my goals and they were so vague and far away. I also struggled to triage my goals. Through the tools that Carla has provided for me, I have been able to finally create a clear path and already reach some of my goals, but even better than that, I have now been equipped use the tools by myself for in the future! I have also been taught an easy way to refine my goals so I know what it is that I really want.

Carla is so patient and understanding and really takes care of my individual needs but at the same time she is able to motivate me to find the answers within myself. She does not back down when I am unsure but instead provided me with the confidence that helps me to find the answer.

Its an incredible experience to be guided by Carla! It is wonderful to analyze my thoughts and feelings with her, it is easy to open up to her and I have had many revelations through her coaching in a short time! She goes out of her way to help with her toolkit and it is evident that she is so passionate as she does not stop the call when the time is up or cut you off.

It's been such a blessing to be coached by her and I would wish for anyone to experience the same!

Thank you, Carla!

- Vasti, from South Africa

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Carla Carolina Watson helped me with professionalism and high standards of humanism to focus and prioritize on my goals. Since these sessions, I better realize my opportunities to highlight job interviews and personal decision making.

People around me and especially myself recognize me as a more confident and enthusiastic person, which also let them help to find security and self-esteem as part either of a professional team or even family.

I highly recommend Carla Carolina Watson as a coacher with excellent standards.

- Eric, from Spain

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My coaching experience with Mrs. Carla Watson has been amazing she has really helped me discover and focus in my short and long term goals as well as helped me understand the it´s okey to take breaks and have a more balanced life mentally, physically and profesional, I feel less stressed about my future thanks to having her as my life coach.

- Sabrina, from Panama

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"Carla is a compassionate, smart, attentive and kind person; all of these great qualities make her a valuable and unique life coach.  Her deep, sincere intention to help people can be felt throughout all her sessions; when Carla coaches you, one feels closely listened to, appreciated, and respected..."

- Paola M., from UK

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"I worked with Carla last year as she helped me successfully set both goals around my marketing strategy and overcoming my limiting beliefs around successful marketing.


Carla is insightful, attentive and enthusiastic and holds the space for people to express how they are feeling really well. She listens, really listens, which is a skill not everyone has. This I believe will make her an excellent coach. I was incredibly pleased with the process I made, within those sessions, so thank you so much Carla, for you help.”

- Kate, from Manchester UK

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Carla is amazing! Since our coaching sessions I honestly feel a lot more confident and closer to my goals. She coached both my mum and me. She was able to relate to us and make the entire experience an enjoyable one. There's a 34 year age gap between us, so it is no easy feat, and it just demonstrates her versatility! She used humor to lighten the mood while simultaneously encouraging me to set goals and follow through with them. I achieved more in one month than I had in an entire year. It's one thing to be a coach and another to be a great coach. Carla is the latter.

- Ally, from Canada

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All sessions were very satisfactory and exceeded my expectations, they helped me a lot to have more clarity, to go deeper into what I am and want as a person, to know that if you make an action plan you can achieve your goals, but above all to have more confidence in me and in my abilities.

- Cindy, from Panama

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I’m very grateful that I met Carla and let her coach me. Her approach is simple yet very powerful! Each session gives me a very positive impact on targeting my life goals, specifically.

Before the first session, I was very disoriented. I can’t make thorough decisions. During the coaching sessions, Carla would ask me very significant questions, which I then realized was the most important part in motivating me to make a step-by-step action in facing my fears and achieving my goals. I thought my goals were overwhelming and unachievable at some point, but her positivity and her coaching style brought me to a higher level of self-improvement. Now I know that my goals are very achievable, I just need to take action.

Carla is also very sweet and fun to talk with! Thank you for the coaching sessions. She’s a life-changer. I’m a happier person now.

- Charlene, from Philippines

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Carla gave me the impulse and tools to make me feel like it was possible.

The sense of how much I need to trust myself to make things work was something I did not have on my mind. This was very important for me because of the lifestyle I was trying to achieve and the changes I was going through.


The things we talk in the first session I still apply them every time I need to make decisions and this makes me feel more calm and trust that I will be able to make it. Is great to read all my notes from our sessions because Carla used a lot of words that connect with me (she knows how to read me) and makes me feel confident about the path I’m choosing.

- Laura, from Colombia

Self awareness is key.

We can’t change the things we are not aware of.

Self-Empowerment Coaching Testimonial Sabrina from Venezuela

Sabrina, from Venezuela

Eye opening to my own limitations and ways of being and how I can be my truest self, the tools Carla has given me in the course have helped me in my day to day life to be more conscious in how I am living. I have been able to use them to make beter choices and decisions in my day to day.


So thank you very much.

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For me, a life coach is a bit like having a professional friend helping you towards a goal or finding ways to feel better when you are too close to the situation to see it clearly yourself.

Carla helped me with 2 things:

1) She gave me the tools to manage my stress. I know it will never go away completely. But I now have ways to take a step back to control it better and reset my mind to be ok.

2) Being over 40, having just moved to Somerset I decided to study a an area of interest while starting this new life. Carla helped me to stayed focus to achieve my goal rather than let my fears win.

The journey hasn't finished but when the panic takes over I can contact Carla to get help with"the issue of the moment".

Whether it is troubleshooting to reboot or help to find new ways to get to achieve a goal Carla has an open mind and calm personality. She made me at ease and wanting to chill (or at least try to! ;))

- Erica, from France

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