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Meet Carla

Certified Self-Belief and Empowerment Coach,

NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher 

Hola! Hello!


My name is Carla Carolina. I am originally from tropical land of pinapples, butterflies and patacones: Panama.


5 years ago, after growing up in "paradise", building a promising career in marketing and working for some of the biggest brands and companies in the region.


Something  burst the bubble around me.

A sudden death. A sudden end.

Waking me up from what now feels more like a dream than a very distant memory. Pushing me to face an unconfortable truth: I felt miserable.


You see, at the time I was in an unhealthy place in both my personal and professional life. 

As a former workaholic, I became a professional at using my work as an escape from other parts of my life. But when Soda, my cat, died. I woke up from that dream and realized that life had an expiration date.

No matter how many extra hours and tasks I gave myself, no matter how wonderful my team was or the professional opportunities I had. Nothing of it really mattered because the relationship with myself was in a rocky place. Because the wounds of my past were still bleeding me out.

So with that awakening, I did something unexpected for me. Something that really scared me at the time. I decided I was going to travel solo. Without knowing the “Plan” I just booked a flight with all my savings. A 3 month trip to Europe. To find what was missing: myself.


During that trip I got a scholarship for a very pertigious business school in Barcelona. And again, without having a “plan” I embraced this opportunity and embarked myself on a journey to do a Master Degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Design Thinking.

Near the end of my studies, I met someone. Our first date was something I never experienced before. For the first time I was in the right space to put all the cards on the table during our first date. He did the same and it was love. The problem? He lived in London and I lived in Barcelona at the time.

After I finished my MBA I got a job opportunity in a very vibrant marketing agency in London. This pushed me one more time, out of my comfort zone to not only move into one of the biggest and most important cities of the world, with the man I loved and doing a job that… I “was supposed to do”... right?


One more time I felt something was missing. Something wasn't aligned with my values. There were no tickles in my tummy for marketing anymore. Some days I felt a mental fog, I started to procrastinate more than usual, and slowly I started to feel like my soul was eaten by the routine surrounding me.


I wanted to do something more meaningful but I couldn’t put my finger on what was it…

After working on myself I finally understood what was missing. I wanted to help other people like me: open-hearted multipassionate workaholics to gain more self-awareness, feel more empowerment, raise their clarity and learn how to trust themselves.

Now I work using the coaching methodology, Neurolinguistic Programing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathwork, Sound Healing and a wholesome toolkit, exercises and holistic and practical techniques. Helping women, men and non-binary humans around the world in both English and Spanish to make positive changes in their lives.


And I too continue to evolve, learn and update my qualifications and work with mentors.

I’m always excited to meet my next client and help them on their journey. 


Oh and I don’t live in London anymore. I now live in the British countryside with my 2 furry children and my lovely husband. You can find me on social media or just book an exploration call below to start working together.

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What can you expect working with me?


  • Professionalism

  • Open minded and open hearted

  • Deep Honesty and Fun (also a funny accent)

  • Balance between compassion and challenge

  • Exploring different perspective without pressure

  • Flexibility and availability for my most committed clients

  • Oh and a cheeky pug or greyhound snoring in the background from time to time


“Everything is an opportunity for knowing, for expansion, for love”

- Devdas Sahaja

Accredited by...

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Carla's accredited certified training includes:

Reiki 2 Okuden training - Brighitta Moser-Clark accredited by the Complementary Medical Association 2023

Pelvic Floor Anatomy & Women's Health Certificate - Bliss Baby Yoga School 2023

Reiki 1 Shoden training - Brighitta Moser-Clark accredited by the Complementary Medical Association 2022

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate - SSOH 2022

Mental health first aider - MHFA England 2022

80hrs Hatha and Pranayama Teacher - Akasha Yoga Academy 2022

200hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher - Akasha Yoga Academy 2021

Emotional Freedom Techniques - Accredited CPD hours Training Provider 2021

Kundalini Yoga Training - Accredited CPD hours Training Provider 2020


Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner - The Coaching Academy 2020

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga For You 2020

Personal and Professional Performance Coach - The Coaching Academy 2019

Minor in Design Thinking - EAE Business School 2018

MBA - EAE Business School 2018

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