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Coaching and NLP can be an extremely powerful approach but sometimes my clients ask for more direct answers around specific topics. That’s why I offer a variety of Online and Face to Face Live Masterclasses.


In these spaces the participants will have the opportunity to ask instant questions, learn about relevant topics, and put into practice new tools that can be duplicated with or without the support of a coach.

(My dogs most likely wont be in our live workshops! ;))


"If you want to grow you will need to create space to do so."

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Introduction to Mindfulness

The art of stillness and living in the moment

Compassionate Mindset

Being kinder to ourselves doesn’t make us weaker, on the contrary it’s the antidote for many poisons of the modern life.

Wellness Coach
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Goal Setting

Anyone can want something, but it takes a special kind of fire to set intentions, create effective plans and keep that fire alive during difficult days. Learn how to work smarter setting and achieving your goals.

Tools For Stress Management

A necessary pain in the ass: stress. There are some useful sides of stress, but like everything in excess, when we have to much if it, things might go south… that’s why i offer this masterclass to learn more about what’s behind it and how to manage it.

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Communication Skills

Deepen the knowledge around how human communication works. Learn new tools on how to improve our skills as communicators and more importantly as active listeners.

Procrastination &
Time management

The secret to change is not about fighting the old,

but on building the new. And sometimes we face a challenge: procrastination... A timeless problem! Learn more about what is laying behind our procrastination tendencies and what can we do to overcome it's challenges while gaining practical tools to improve your time management.

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Tap Into Your Core Values

Not everyone understanding what makes them tick. On this workshop we will learn the values that are driving us away certain situations and closer to other. By undertanding our core values and how they can influence the way we set and achieve our goals is a game changer. That's why I facilitate practical exercises and tools to identify and reclaim our very own core values in both your personal and professional life.

Belief Systems

Our beliefs drive our actions. Belief systems have 2 sides limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs. We all have both. Remember, no matter how important something is for us if we don’t believe we can achieve it, we will proof ourselves right. 

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Self-Coaching Masterclass

We all go to the dentist once in a while to keep our smile healthy but in between appointments we still brush our teeth. Learn how to “brush your own teeth” by learning how to practice self-coaching.

Self-Care for busy humans

Learning how to integrate personalized rituals to create pockets of time everyday to recharge our batteries and give ourselves some TLC.

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Cultivating healthy Relationships

The dynamics of every relationship in ourlives starts with ourselves. Learning how to cultivate a healthy relationship with us first will influence all the relationships around us.

Purposeful Social Media

After 7 years, working with international brands, and building an positive and engaging audience for my clients and myself I have created a masterclass to teach you the basics to plan, create and maintain a social media presence in alignment with your values, purpose and essence. (ONLY FOR COACHES, HEALERS AND SOULENTREPENEURS)

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Toxic Positivity Awareness Masterclass

The one pandemic we are not talking enough about. Flooding social media and even infiltrating in our own programming: toxic positivity. Learn what is it, why is hurting us and how to prevent us from spreading it.

Kind words from humans that experienced previous workshops:

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.
- Brian Herbert