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Difficult things vs Easy things

Do things not because they are easy but because they are difficult

A client mentioned this famous quote by JFK... and left me thinking.

Specifically left me thinking about staying active during my pregnancy and how it has been really hard some days.

Luckily I had a good start. Very healthy and consistent yoga student and teacher, mobility training, walking lots, eating pretty healthy and being in a good place with my mental health.

But... it was difficult at the start to continue with my goal of staying active while pregnant.

During the first trimester I had to reduce some classes due to the limitations of pregnancy (meaning my lovely Hotpod yoga classes) but my other regular yoga group classes were there + 1:1 clients + weekly retreats, teaching sometimes up to 12 or 15 classes a week.

Maybe sounds like a lot but but but! They were a life saviour not only kept me mobile pushing me out of my comfort zone when feeling  like skipping my own personal practice (which happened often during those times) but also gave me purpose, they lifted my spirit.

I always looked forward to teach because for an hour I could forget the changes my body was going through and join beautiful people in movement and contemplation

It was really hard (mentally mostly but also physically ) to stay active during this period but i did it ☺️💛

It was difficult to push through the uncomfortable feelings in my body but it was harder to push through the limitations of my own mind.

Then the second trimester arrived and it was like a drink of healing waters touch me from week 10 or 12.

I was swimming, starting to do some weight training, focused on my pranayama instead of asana.

It was not easy some days to go and swim because of the cold or the rain or both! But I did it because I wanted to do difficult things, I was feeling strong.

Then, from week 28 or so I felt the energies shift again, or at least start to shift. And I’m honoring the shifts in energy.

Even though now is hard for me to remember that slowing down is what I need for my end goal.

To find different ways to stay active, and to keep my body strong but more importantly my spirit.

So yeah, I’m 32 weeks pregnant now. Doing weights, walking with my dogs, dancing alone, meditating, breathing, working with 1:1 clients holding safe spaces for them, but also I’m napping on the couch, eating some chocolate and binge watching kdrama on the weekends.

But this balance sometimes feels difficult. The impostor in me likes to come out of its cave to poke me with a stick for not xyz.

And the difficult thing some days is not the 45 min workouts but to embrace rest, to slow down.

And some days the difficult thing is to convince myself to walk to the pool or to do a some weights from home.

Sometimes, writing in my journal feels like hardship.

But then after doing all these things, that at a moment felt difficult I feel good about myself.

I feel Empowered

I feel strong

I feel grounded

I feel at peace

I remember

I am doing things, not because they are easy, I’m doing things because i know, I want to do these wonderful difficult things.

And yes there’s a balance.

Yes there’s a lot of self regulation happening.

Yes I listen to my body and I honour what my intuition is telling me.

Because even though I do difficult things sometimes the most difficult thing is to go easy on myself.

🙏🏽 Thank you for reading.

I’m still working with 1:1 clients (remotely and face to face), read more about my services on the home page or booking page.

And if you have any questions feel free to fill this form and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you again for reading, for trusting me with your time.

I hope your heart is filled with warmth today.

Un abrazo x


Even though I’ll soon start my maternity leave and figuring out what motherhood will be for me

(human motherhood at least, you know I believe I’m already a dog and plant mum 🌝)

There are ways I can still help you a little bit while I’m busy changing diapers and staying hydrated


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