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What are the pillars of Emotional Intelligence?

In order to recognize, understand, and manage our emotions we need to dominate the 4 pillars of Emotional Intelligence.

- self-awareness

- self-management

- social awareness

- and relationship management

Below I will briefly describe each one of the pillars: SELF AWARENESS Self Awareness is the conscious understanding of what makes us us. The holistic knowledge of one’s feelings, preferences, dislikes, and experiences. SELF MANAGEMENT Self management is the sense of responsibility over our own behaviour. It is not limited to passive acknowledgement and includes dynamic respability towards one’s wellbeing. SOCIAL AWARENESS Social awareness is skill everyone can cultivate that helps us to emphatize with others by stepping out of our personal perspective. It is about trying to understand the way other people experience life. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Relationship management is about using your self-awareness, self-management and social awareness to help you and others manage interactions successfully. The pillars are like a domino waterfall, they are connected, they need each other.

There’s no straight forward formula around HOW to cultivate each one of them. We are all different, with different experiences of the world, so the way we grow, the way we learn will be different from person to person. BUT there are key pieces of knowledge that anyone trying to embark on this self-development journey need to obtain. If you are interested in starting to heal the relationship with yourself and return to your core, to what truly matters to you there’s something I want to share with you…

A Journey Back Home An online experience that can be purchased as a whole (5 modules and +10 digital resources) or each module can be purchased individually. Click here to learn more. or if you want 1:1 support message me to see how I can help you.

In the meantime I want to invite you to think about these pillars and which one is the one that is the most present in your life right now? You don’t have to share the answer with anyone, but please give yourself the chance to think about this.

Remember: Self-Inquiry is key.

Thank you for reading and speak soon,

Un abrazo.

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