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A promise to myself

Usually when sharing a blog I try to share useful information. This one doesn’t have any tips or exposition of a theme. It’s just the entry tk my journal from a few days ago that I wanted to share with you.

Be kind.

Be patient.

Strawberries can’t be harvested in the winter, and magnolia flowers are not around anymore during the summer.

Be patient even when the pressure of doing well all the time is present

Be kind when facing unrealistic expectations of constant self improvement

Hug yourself when experiencing fear of failing or worst, fear of the shame of not being our bestest self

Nature is not constantly blooming its flowers nor constantly staying asleep and leafless.

Nature shifts, experiences ups and downs, seasons coming and going.

And I know, it is tempting to feel bad during a long weekend, a holiday or just while spending time with family. “Why can’t I do more of this or that?” I’ve asked myself during moments of crisis and I can almost hear my husband telling me with his kind eyes “Carla is having a meltdown right?”.

I forget how the winds can shift at any moment

I battle against nature’s rhythm

Surrendering to crossing the tempting boarders between my personal and professional life

Hopping on and off

Letting my personal self down for not being there a 100% for my family and letting my professional self down for not hustling more.

I promise myself to do better

Be kind on those days when my body needs a rest

Be kinder with your shadow and the people who trigger the version of yourself you are trying to leave behind

Be even kinder even when it feels easier to think unkind thoughts

And I promise myself to be patient, very patient. Even on days when to do lists don’t seem to end and when I’m ignoring the wisdom shared by those who love me.

That’s my promise today.

What’s yours?

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