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A Journey Back Home

All relationships go through rough patches, that includes the relationship with yourself.

We've all been there, feeling disconnected from ourselves, clueless around what we actually want in our future vision, letting the mind wander back and forward between past and future without stopping to appreciate the present, engaging in negative self-talk.

Expecting that a new diet or a workout routine will magically change everything.

Perhaps saving lots of inspiring content to “read later” or “try when I am feeling xyz”

But what happens when the perfect day never comes?

What happens when suddenly we waste years of our lives thinking that magically we will start feeling different even though we are still doing the same.

More than half a decade ago I was there too (the picture above is from that time).

Waiting for that magic to find me.

Waiting for someone else to lit the fire inside me.

Until I asked myself What (excuse my language) the f*%$ am I waiting for?

I started asking myself other questions like:

How do I start healing the relationship with myself?

How can I find the way back to my core, back to home?

Finding the answer was not straightforward or a definitive one. And somedays I still have ups and downs but after years of inner work, travelling the world, living in 3 of the biggest cities in the world, becoming a neuro-linguistic practitioner, yoga teacher, researching I have the necessary tools to help me help myself. I have learned to recognize my emotions, to be honest with myself, to cope with disappointment, reframe the negative inner-dialogue and regain balance so that I can work towards my vision.

And if you are reading this you probably know how for the last year I have been curating a 12 week program, coaching packages, online and live workshops but something that was missing from my offer was a more digestible way to share KEY tools to anyone, anywhere. A safe and affordable learning space.

This is why I created an online experience to help you start your journey.

*A Journey Back Home* is waiting for you, click on the image below to find out more about the 5 modules, a special introduction offer (for a limited time only) and signing in!

Remember you can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok & on my Podcast. Un abrazo fuerte hasta donde estés. - Carla

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