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3 ingredients to help you get to where and who you want to be

Life is like cooking. There are so many ingredients that were handed to us without being able to choose them properly.

But there are things we can choose or even try to create ourselves. These 3 ingredients, you can try to cultivate and use in order to help you get to where and who you want to be:

💛 Be prepared

One if my favourite high school teachers used to say “Soldado preparado no muere en guerra” which translates to “a prepared soldier do not die during a war” (which might me a little too optimistic  in a literal understanding, but you get it right?).

Being prepared can save your life, or at least your day. This preparation can mean making a list of all your shopping, or washing the dishes before bed instead of watching another episode of our latest addiction, or bringing an umbrella even if its an ok day because you never know how the weather might change in England (or Panama). And so on…

Now its your turn, try to find a way to prepare yourself for the day/week/month ahead ☺️

🌟Remove distractions

Distractions can be what shiny objects are to crows or magpies, irresistible. And at the time they might feel like an excellent excuse to use our time and energy. And what is procrastination if not a big ass shiny object to our crow-like brains.

But procrastination or distractions in general might be just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the water there are fears, limiting beliefs, self-defends mechanism, internal conflict, trauma…

The good thing is the best person to help you is in the reflection of the mirror (yes I love Mulan, she is my favourite Disney princess).

The first step to remove distraction and / or procrastination is to recognise what is happening. And then using our radical honesty to find what is happening underneath the waters.

Ask yourself:

What am I afraid of?

Who is benefiting from me being distracted?

How will this impact my long term goal?

How is my procrastination protecting me?

Try journaling the answers to these questions.

️ Challenge yourself

Without challenge there’s no growth. Thats why when we are working out in the gym we gradually add more weight, more repetitions or different movements to our routine. In life, we need challenges.

Sometimes these challenges might come by themselves, bad timing being the cherry on top. This might feel inconvenient and perhaps the last thing we want to do at the moment is to “thank the universe” for yet another untimely opportunity of growth. But… Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude.

We can also take power over how we are being challenged. Evaluating how we have been doing something and deciding what little baby step are we willing to take in order to embark ourselves on a voluntary adventure towards growth.

If you are trying to live a healthier life or al reddy living a healthy-ish life, maybe there’s an event you can join to give you a clear milestone ti focus ahead.

If you are trying to learn a new language maybe plan a trip to a small town where they speak the language you are trying to learn or an even smaller challenge can be to find yourself a book you want to be able to read in that language.

If you want your career or business to grow think about: How a challenge can help me get to where I want in the next day/week/month/years/decade?

These 3 things will help you get to where and who you want to be only if you are willing to take action.

Sometimes trying to focus on these ingredients can feel overwhelming and hard to keep accountable. Thats why its important to remember we don’t have to do it alone.

And if you want someone to help you feeling prepared, removing distractions and challenging yourself I can help you. In the last 3 years I’ve helped clients in Europe, Asia, America, Africa to gain clarity, live a more balanced life and to ignite their self-belief.

To start your journey together book an exploration call:

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